Kogado Air Conditioning Cleaner


KOGADO SCD car air conditioning visual cleaning system, contains biological extract components, neutral cleaning without corrosion on aluminium fins.

It helps to remove bacteria, deodorizing the cooling coil of car air-cond and to purify the air.


 Using natural surfactant formulations it is neutral, non-corrosive and environmental friendly. Fast defoaming and strong decontamination, it cleans easily, leaving no residue.

Odor Remover + TEGO

TEGO sterilizer from Germany, is widely used in medicine, drinking water and other industries to remove bacteria.

Odor Remover & Sterilizer + TEGO

Deodorant are extracted from Alpine pine, reacts to remove odor.


Step 1 : Check if the air conditioning system is working normal.

Step 2 : Find the air conditioner cooling coil entrance

Step 3 : Take out Air-cond filter

Step 4 : Remove the blower,  (depending on the car model, the steps may be different)

Step 5 : Place a water tray at the water outlet of the vehicle.

Step 6 : Open Kogado SCD cleaning agent 01 and install it to the interface of the visual cleaning gun.

Step 7 : The endoscope and the nozzle are drilled deep into the cleaning site (car air-cond cooling coil ), and the liquid is evenly sprayed onto the cooling coil leaf surface. The nozzle should be moved back and forth during cleaning.

Step 8 : Then Kogado SCD  02

Step 9 : Kogado 03: sterilization deodorant . Operation process is the same, the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

Step 10 : Remove the water tray from the water outlet below the vehicle

Step 11 : Restore the original car parts, start the vehicle, open the door, and adjust the air-cond speed to the maximum, for 8-10 minutes