Automatic Spray


Automatic Spray can which can fit into the dispenser.

Lavender – Aspiration pure natural lavender from Furano, Hokkaido with tea polyphenols and other plants combined ingredients to make you feel pleasant. It also come with deodorizing effect.

Peach – Use of natural peach juice with green tea polyphenols and other fluid pumping plant deodorizing ingredients, peaches make you feel sweet with the effect of deodorizing.

Whitemusk – Extraction of musk, green tea polyphenols together with large number of flowers as raw material and other plant combination ingredients.

Green Tea – This product is using natural tea extract with polyphenols and other plant ingredients to make you feel refreshing and also come withodor deodorizing effect.

Samourai – From the combination of velvtiver, sandaiwood, musk and other plants ingredients, gives your surround area a touch of freshness.

Marine Squash – This ingredient added with cool mint, freshoranges and grapefruit. It makes you feel like fresh sea breeze brings the ultimate experience of full relaxation. the nature scene feeling and long holiday of relaxation.

Issey Marine – Derived from marine energy and passion of reverie, the sense of smell to bring your heart and soul to relax, belong to the vitality of the hawaiian sun and beaches, a refreshing of mint, fresh oranges and grapefruit ingredients. It is a very suitable for summer use.

Apple – Natural extraction of apple from Aomori Japan, combines with green tea polyphenols and other plant ingredients to make you feel healthy.