Flower Box Series


Box type of flower essences.

Champaca – is a sgnificant flower in Chinese and Japanese culture, and the blooming flowers are a spectacular sight in the springtime. The rich, velvety-soft aroma of a snow-white Chamapaca blossom reminds you of a piano sonata, adagio, somthing  to listen to on a pleasant, relaxed spring day or a romantic evening.

Osmanthus – Osmanthus flower plays an important rle in Chinese culture. Osmanthus has the same pronunciation as word “honor” in Chinese, so people thought it stands for wealth and rank. In old days, almost every high society family would have this plant in their gardens. It’s hard not to be enraptured by their complex and delicate scent once you exprience it and invite this apricot smelling aroma into your aroma.

Roses – Roses one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers, are hand-picked either in early morning or before the dusk and extracted the same day. This perfect rose fragrance not only capture the sweet, velvety scent of the flower itself, but also adds the freshness of the green tea, smells like you are in a rose garden sniffing on the flower with dewdrop gently rolling down its velvet petal.

Lily – Composed of fresh and lively flowers: lily, it starts off a bit sharp and spicy. slightly musky as it develops, to later on release lily’s full potential – the huge white flowers that you put in a big vase and wait for them to open, and when they do, the fragrance drifts through the whole house for several days.