Natural Air Freshener


An extraction of natural floral essences, condensed into a solid-state paste of fragrances, giving the feeling of freshly picked flowers, emphasizing the impulsive and irresistible uniqueness of this sparkling floral notes.

Weight: 0.08 Kg

Strawberry – Natural strawberry extract from Fukushima, Japan mixed with green tea polyphenols ingredients create sweet and dense strawberry fragrance.

Lavender – Aspiration pure natural lavender from Furano, Hokkaido with tea polyphenols and other plants combined ingredients to make you feel pleasant. It also come with deodorizing effect.

Lemon – Fresh lemon juice extract from Okinawa Japan, mixed with green tea ingredients, to create a cool feeling of lemon-based tone.

Peach – Use of natural peach juice with green tea polyphenols and other fluid pumping plant deodorizing ingredients, peaches make you feel sweet with the effect of deodorizing.

Grapefruit – Natural grapefruit juice extract mixed with green tea polyphenols and other plant ingredients to make you feel refreshing. Fresh grapefruit incense to eliminate the effect smell.

Sakura – Featured Kagoshima Sakura with aroma fragrance lasting. Sakura symbol of warm, pure, noble but with typical oriental charm color.

Pineapple – The pineapple is a herbaceous perennial cultivated throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The hot and humid climate gives pineapple an exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. A bright, sunny “rain forest themed” tropical fruity scent will uplift your spirits.

Whitemusk – Extraction of musk, green tea polyphenols together with large number of flowers as raw material and other plant combination ingredients.

Green Tea – This product is using natural tea extract with polyphenols and other plant ingredients to make you feel refreshing and also come withodor deodorizing effect.